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Purchase alpine furniture at reasonable prices

Our added value is the fact that we steer as far away as possible from tourist hubs so as to concentrate exclusively on quality alpine furniture and local expertise at sensible prices. In addition to that, we also look for specific items so as to fit the house of any of our potential customers.

The tours we organize often take us to areas of the Alpine Arc with a very strong sense of tradition for their crafts. We can therefore provide potential customers with the diverse expertise of the five most important countries of the Alps: France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Below are two examples of purchases at accessible costs :

Example Nr. 1 : looking for a "Stube" for a chalet.

A Stube is a traditional piece of furniture from the German-speaking regions of the Alpine Arc. It is an area where meals were usually eaten (the equivalent of the "pelle Savoyard"). In the "posh" resorts of the Haute-Savoie, cabinet-makers were asking for somewhere around €45,000 all taxes included. We managed to locate an antique Stube in perfect condition (including wood paneling with a recess and capitals, benches, chairs, table with inlaid fillets...) in a small Bavarian resort for €8,500.

Example Nr. 2: Hunting trophies of game animals typical of the Alpine Arc (alpine ibices, chamois, deer...)

Few people know that such trophies can be bought by the kilo, thus costing next to nothing compared to what is being sold in antiques shops in large resorts.

Some people with significant financial resources often don't dare to challenge prices which they might deem excessive. What they fail to see is that there is no such thing as being too cautious when it comes to paying the right price. This also goes for potential customers who might not have the same kind of resources but who are just as keen to purchase these alpine crafts with such strong charm and character.

The invoice will include the following :

  • A 15% commission excluding taxes on the price of the purchased items or on the costs of the craftsmen's tailored work.
  • Travel and research expenses you will have agreed upon prior to the start of the project.