Arc Alpin

Facilitate everyone's access to the Alps' nicest spots


Our aim is to select pieces of furniture and identify the skills that demonstrate the cultural richness of the Crafts of the Alpine Arc region.

Religious Arts and Crafts

Faith and religion are deeply rooted throughout the Alps. Religious art -essentially catholic- spreads everywhere: from Bavaria to Austria, from the Wallis to the Aosta Valley and the Savoie, from the Oberland to Engadin, from the Dolomites to Slovenia. Local painters, sculptors and cabinet-makers have produced magnificent pieces of work such as mural frescoes, calvaries, crucifixes, statues of the Virgin Mary and other Saints, rosettes and hearts often associated with the monogram of Christ. Our company aims to give you easy access to these religious items, which are fully integrated in the mountain homes of the German-speaking areas of the Alps.

Cynegetic art and other hunting-related activities

Trophies (heads and antlers) and paintings depicting hunting scenes with a special emphasis on typical animals of the Alpine Arc (ibices / chamois/ deer)


Pieces of furniture or items of architecture with incrustations (stars, flowers, suns, hearts, rosettes...).

Stube; painted cabinets; Glockenturm-Wetterhahn (bell towers with weathercocks typically found on Bavarian, Tyrolean and Salzburger rooftops).

Other typical skills of the German-speaking Alps

  • Letterings, inscriptions and ornaments on wooden surfaces
  • Mural frescoes representing scenes of pastoral life.

Paintings and photographs of the most dramatic peaks and alpine villages.

Various pieces of furniture commonly found throughout the Alpine Arc.