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If you don't have enough time to look for alpine furniture to match the decoration of your home, then do not worry, for we can provide a search contract which we will write up together in accordance to your needs. This contract will include a detailed list of the pieces of furniture you are after and/or the specialized work you want done in your home (wall paintings, woodwork...). Finally, it will also include an indicative budget range and a time span for the completion of the project.

Some projects might require more time than others. For large pieces of furniture such as a Stube or a Glockenturm, for example, we would advise you to have them fitted before all the other work in your mountain home is completed. Some very fine details of architecture deserve that a room be decorated according to the furniture you have purchased, and not the other way around.

Should we successfully find the pieces of furniture you were looking for, you will be issued with a short-term buy option for the selected item. We will provide you with a picture of the item so as to enable you to decide whether you wish to exercise the option or not. Should you require specific work to be done, we will look for adequate craftsmen who practice fair prices. The final agreement on the costs will take place directly between the craftsman and yourself.

The invoice will include the following :

  • A 15% commission excluding taxes on the price of the purchased items or on the costs of the craftsmen's tailored work.
  • Travel and research expenses you will have agreed upon prior to the start of the project.