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The upper bavarian Alps

The Upper Bavarian Alps in Germany

The Bavarian Alps (Ober-Bayern) are the only alpine terrain in Germany. They are located south of Munich and comprise various outstanding regions:

  • The Allgau Alps with Louis II of Bavaria's most famous castle, Neuschwanstein ;
  • Germany's highest peak at 2964m, the Zugspitze massif, above Garmish-Partenkirchen. Its summit also lies on the Austrian side of Tyrol and can be accessed from the village of Ehrwald in Austria;
  • The Berchtesgaden Alps and their national park, amongst the most beautiful of the Alps. It is renowned for its lake, the Konigssee, and lies at the bottom of Germany's second-highest mountain, the Watzmann Mount (2713m). The east face of the Watzmann is the highest face in the Oriental Alps.

During the Second World War, Berchtesgaden and its so called "Eagle's Nest" was one of Hitler's favorite spots.


  • Neuschwanstein, the most renowned castle of Louis II of Bavaria
  • The national park of Berchtesgaden, one of the most beautiful of the Alps


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