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The Dolomites

A vast cultural diversity

The Dolomites region is located in Italy and offers a vast cultural and linguistic diversity. It has three spoken languages: German, Italian and Ladin. German is spoken in most of South Tyrol in the Bozen province where Austrian culture still has a strong influence. Italian is spoken in the Trente province and Ladin, like Italian, is spoken around Cortina d'Ampezzo, in the Belluno province.

Geologically and morphologically-speaking however, the Dolomite mountains are all quite similar.

Incredible shapes and colors

The way the mountains change color is exceptional: they go from being a grayish-white during the day to a pinkish tint at sunset.

Just as exceptional are the long and steep rocky faces, although they very rarely exceed 3000m. The highest peak, the Marmolada, stands at 3342m. The Dolomites can be accessed from Innsbruck or Venice.


  • High and steep rocky faces
  • Colors changing throughout the day (from white and grey to pink)


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