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The Grands Combins, Dents du Midi and Trient valley

The Grands Combins, the mountain range with the wild touch

Located in Canton Wallis, the Grands Combins mountains are somewhere between the Mont-Blanc and the Matterhorn with an elevation of 4314m. It is of particular interest because of how wild it has remained throughout the years. It is Switzerland's second largest nature reserve and is therefore protected. These are remote mountains, far from any chairlifts or cable cars, which can only be accessed via some rather charming isolated valleys, yet they offer the possibility to stay overnight in extremely comfortable refuges (in Switzerland, refuges are called "cabanes"). At the foot of the imposing ice mountains of the Grands Combins, the protected area of the Haut Val de Bagnes gives access to a variety of lakes, flora and fauna. You can see the South Italian face from Aosta as well, though we don't believe that it offers as many accessible itineraries.

The Dents du Midi

The Dents du Midi range and its 3257m peak aren't unlike the background of an American Western movie: mountain lakes, pastures, and its typical tooth-like structure ("Dents" means "teeth" in French). It is located close to Mont-Blanc and even overhangs above a small active glacier.

The Trient Valley: the main door from Chamonix to Canton Wallis.


  • Its wild side
  • Isolated valleys
  • Extremely comfortable high mountain refuges


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