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The upper Engadin (The Bernina range) and the Örtler range

The Bernina Range

The Bernina Range culminates at 4049m with the Piz Bernina, the most easterly 4000m peak in the Alps on the Swiss-Italian border (Upper Engadin/Graubünden in Switzerland and the Lombardy in Italy). The Morterasch and the Palu Glaciers on the Swiss north facing side are exceptionally impressive.

The Upper-Engadine should also be singled out for its picturesque villages with their impressive core of charming old houses, emblematic churches and wide frozen lakes in Winter such as the Sils Maria and Silvaplana. Engadine architecture is very distinctive with romanesque frescoes, coloured designs and mottoes decorating most houses' facades ; large carved wooden doors ; small deep-set windows and ornate metal grillwork. The region at the foot of the spectacular Bernina Mountain Range has attracted many famous writers, most notably Friedrich Nietzche who felt as if he was in the "Promised Land".

The Örtler Range

The Örtler Range in the independent province of South Tyrol culminates at 3905m. It used to be the highest peak of the Austrian-Hungarian empire and the highest mountain in Tyrol. Today, it belongs to Italy and is the country's largest glacier domain. Its ridge goes on for about 25km, from the Cevedale (3774 m) to the Königspitze (3860 m) and the Örtler (3905 m).

The Örtler (reachable from Sülden-am-Örtler) and the Bernina (reachable from St. Moritz and Pontresina) are nearby and offer amazing ski tours and hikes in both the Summer and the Winter.


  • Gorgeous lakes
  • Stunning glaciers
  • Dazzling skiing and hiking
  • Very typical Romansh architecture


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