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Tours : a passion

We want to share our passion for the mountains and the culture that surrounds it.

The itineraries carefully selected by Dominique Chaffard, founder of Alps For All, aim to not only let you discover the Best of the Alps, but also to introduce you to their vast and rich cultural heritage. This innovative mix of culture and sports is what gives our company its added value.

In 2003, after 11 years spent living in London and 20 years working as an investment banker for JP Morgan, Dominique Chaffard decided to leave it all behind and relocated to the French resort of Chamonix, home of Mont-Blanc, Europe's highest peak at 4810 meters.

Itineraries based on Dominique's own experience

Whether on skis or on foot, in the summer or the winter, with friends or by himself, Dominique has spent the last few years touring all over the Alpine Arc. He has successfully ascended more than 20 peaks over 4000 meters high including Mont-Blanc, which he has climbed three times, the Mont Rose and the Jungfrau.

Beautiful and culturally rich tours

Many an itinerary are perfect illustrations of the natural beauty and cultural richness of the Alps, which is what Dominique would like to share with you. With a choice of the six main alpine countries (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Slovenia), he will show you an unforgettable side of nature, with its abundant flora and fauna, spectacular glaciers, crevasses and seracs as well as magnificent man-made monuments such as baroque churches and chapels often worth a visit.

Tested and carefully selected itineraries

Dominique took and selected every picture on this website during previous tours on foot or on skis. He wanted to test every itinerary and choose only those that would represent no particular difficulty whilst still ensuring amazing views.

Each itinerary offers the chance to observe the richness of a well-preserved alpine flora and fauna. Participants are strongly encouraged to take their own pictures, however we will be documenting each tour and the best shots will be made available upon demand.

Multi-country holiday

The minimum length of a trip is 3 days so as to enable you to discover at least two different countries and cultures such as France and Italy, or Switzerland and Italy.

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