Arc Alpin

Facilitate everyone's access to the Alps' nicest spots

Seasonal activities

No matter which activity you prefer, every itinerary we have tested displays features of particular interest. Whether you tour on skis or hike by foot, you will be able to enjoy the most dazzling views of the Alps' most prestigious mountain ranges such as the Mont-Blanc, Mont Rose, Matterhorn, Jungfrau or any other location we have selected.

In the Winter and the Spring: skiing

In both the winter and the spring, the main activity is skiing. This is aimed at those of you who enjoy the sport. Please note that we do not provide any coaching. Our offer consists of touring pre-selected areas with participants who are already proficient skiers, offering them with each itinerary the chance to admire the most stunning views of the Alpine Arc. The chosen locations rank amongst the most imposing of the Alps. The pictures we have selected to represent each location depict both our winter and our summer activities.

Participants who took part in and equally enjoyed both our summer and winter activities provided the testimonials available on this site. Indeed, our goal is to present everyone with the same opportunities and hence discover the strong contrasts of the alpine nature at its different points of elevation from the safety of marked trails. Start at a low altitude in small mountain villages with their farms and chalets, and follow the tracks into gorgeous larch and pine forests or large pastures, to finally end up on or next to glaciers where you will witness their unique structure of seracs and other ice pyramids, typically surrounded by walls of rock and other peaks.
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Of course, on an exceptional basis, should you request it, we can also offer you off-piste skiing activities on glaciers, heliskiing and/or ski touring as long as all participants have the required level.

However, so as to ensure your safety, we will only provide these activities under the supervision of a qualified, experienced local guide.

In the Summer and the Fall: hiking

Our goal consists mainly of introducing you to the best of the Alps in a very traditional and healthy fashion: hiking. Here are the different trips we offer:

  • a half-day or full-day hike
  • hikes over several days with the possibility of staying overnight in refuges
  • hikes on glaciers under the supervision of a high mountain guide (as long as the level of the party allows it)

Requested level for skiing and hiking

In order to guarantee a pleasurable experience for all, we would advise all participants to have similar levels. To make sure your hike remains enjoyable (summer activity), we would recommend that you can ascend 250 to 300 vertical meters per hour. In both the summer and the winter, we will obviously adapt each itinerary to the level of the party.