Arc Alpin

Facilitate everyone's access to the Alps' nicest spots

Touring with your friends or family

Our customer base comprises mostly of families and/or groups of friends. In order to keep some sort of group cohesion, a party should ideally not exceed 6 members.


Hikes for the whole family

We love nothing more than to spend a few days with a family and witness parents and their children share some strong emotions and unforgettable moments! We can adapt to the speed at which each family progresses, whether on skis or by foot. We will simply need to go over the level of each member prior to their trip to make sure that the itinerary and the length of the trip suits everyone.

Enjoy stunning views

With the itineraries we have selected you can access the Best of the Alps; these locations very often border glaciers and their incredible crevasses and seracs, which never fail to amaze children and parents alike. If you have always wanted to sleep on the mountain or watch the sunrise or sunset from a refuge, then you are knocking at the right door, for we have hand-picked easy hikes which lead to refuges set in the most dazzling surroundings.

Discover the alpine flora and fauna

No matter what location you choose, the Alps will always be the ideal terrain to discover some unique flora and fauna where grazing cows live peacefully alongside wild mountain animals.

With your friends

Longer, more challenging itineraries are also available, though they do not represent any major difficulties.

A relaxing holiday

Would you rather just hike for a few hours and lose yourself in typical alpine surroundings? Pick what you would most like to see and let us do the rest:

  • Strong contrasts between the high mountain and its glaciers
  • Smoother, greener hills and their quiet local villages
  • High altitude lakes and fields where crops are still grown in the summer and the fall
  • Culinary specialties of each region

Our itineraries aim to attract not only groups of friends and/or families, but also an older crowd in good physical condition, and participants who can travel outside the school holiday periods. The end of Summer and beginning of the Fall, for instance September and October, are times when the weather is mild, days are long, the light amazing and the colors of the mountains unforgettable. The Indian Summer of the Alps is as beautiful as the one of New England and skiing is already possible in some places such as Austria.

Testimonial of a New-York family

Our travels with Dominique have been among the most rewarding trips we have ever taken as a family. He provided thoughtful organization, with great sensitivity to the needs and perspective of our children, on numerous outings, in winter on skis and summer on foot, on both the Italian and French sides of the Mont-Blanc region, as well as in Bavaria, Salzburg and Zermatt.

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