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Tailored multi-country tours

Rather than concentrating on a single area, our tours take you through several of the countries which make up the Alpine Arc, concentrating each time on key locations. Each of these locations has been pre-selected in order to create an exclusive multi-country adventure.

One base, endless possibilities

You will be staying in a fixed base from which you will be able to access various locations in France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany or Slovenia. The locations we have selected in each of these countries rank amongst the most prestigious in the Alps:

  • The Mont-Blanc Massif on the Franco-Italian border (Haute Savoie / Aosta Valley)
  • The Grands Combins, Dents du Midi and Trient Valley in the Lower Wallis in Switzerland ;
  • The Matterhorn and the Mont Rose regions on the Swiss-Italian border (Upper Wallis / Aosta Valley) ;
  • The Berner Oberland and the Jungfrau region in Switzerland
  • The Tyrol in Austria
  • The Upper Engadin (Bernina range) in Switzerland and the Örtler range in Italy
  • The Dolomites in Italy
  • The Salzburg Alps and their surroundings in Austria
  • The Upper Bavarian Alps in Germany

Here are some examples of our multi-country tours and their various lengths

Itinerary 1

The Mont-Blanc Massif alone covers 3 countries: France and Italy mainly, but also Switzerland on the Canton Wallis border. That very same mountain range is located less than an hour from the Grands Combins and Dents du Midi ranges in the French-speaking part of Canton Wallis. The Matterhorn, right next to the Mont Rose, is only 1h30 away. The start of the Berner Oberland is a short two hours away. Using Chamonix and Geneva airport as a starting point, a 3-day trip will allow a comfortable tour of Courmayeur and the Aosta Upper Valley, the Grands Combins region near Verbier and the Dents du Midi in Canton Wallis near Martigny.
A 5-day tour could take you all the way to Zermatt (Matterhorn/Mont Rose) or the Berner Oberland (Gstaad and the Jungfrau region around Grindelwald, Wengen and Mürren).
A 7-day tour could enable you to discover the highest mountain ranges of the Alps: Mont Blanc; Grands Combins; Matterhorn / Mont Rose; Jungfrau.

Itinerary 2

Starting in Innsbruck in the Austrian Tyrol (Munich or Innsbruck airport), a 5-day tour could take you to Upper Bavaria in Germany, the Dolomites and the Örtler range in Italy, the Upper Engadin and the Bernina range in Switzerland.

Itinerary 3

Starting in the Austrian city of Salzburg, Mozart's place of birth (Munich or Salzburg airport), a 5-day tour could take you to the Berchtesgaden region in Upper Bavaria, to Tyrol, to Austria's highest peaks - the "Hohe Tauern" - on the South border of the Salzburger state, to the dolomite-like Massif of the Dachstein on the Steiermark and Salzburger state border and finally to the Juliennes Alps in Slovenia.

Important information

The minimum stay is 3 days. For a seven-day trip, you can combine a maximum of 3 locations. We will work together to make sure your trip is exactly what you had in mind.

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