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Testimonial of Maria, Tom, Maude 12, Abby 10 and Max 7 (Salisbury, Connecticut, USA)

Our travels with Dominique have been among the most rewarding trips we have ever taken as a family. He provided thoughtful organization, with great sensitivity to the needs and perspective of our children, on numerous outings, in winter on skis and summer on foot, on both the Italian and French sides of the Mont-Blanc region, as well as in Bavaria, Salzburg and Zermatt. Dominique's experience and knowledge of the Alps and his understanding of children make him an ideal advisor and organizer for families seeking to explore this beautiful region.

Travelling in unknown terrain with young children can be challenging, and doing so at high elevation more daunting still. With Dominique as our advisor and companion, we travelled extensively in various regions of the Alps with never a moment of doubt as to the appropriateness or safety of what we were undertaking. While taking our range of abilities into account, Dominique brought us to the most spectacular locations, often just at the right time of day when light and images converge in a breathtaking composition. We were rewarded not only with our own appreciation of the surroundings , but with the chance to see the amazed wonder of our children, as when sticking their heads out the window of a mountain refuge at dawn and gasping at the sheer beauty in front of them.

The magnificent Alps are a large and diverse region, which present a dizzying array of choices for someone who wants to get to know them, and gathering necessary information can be surprisingly difficult for those not resident in the area. Dominique's mastery and wealth of knowledge about the region allowed us to truly relax and absorb some of the details of this magical part of the world. From knowing how long it will really take your 7-year old to hike to Jonction, to the name and height of every dramatic summit you can see, to which refuge has the most charm - and the best polenta - to the artisans with the best and most reasonable authentic Alpine artwork and crafts, Dominique was able to satisfy our every request. His careful planning and attention to detail ensured that we were able to maximize every precious moment in this spectacular region, leaving each of us with memories of a lifetime.

By the way, Dominique loves photography and his home is full of beautiful pictures that have captured his many adventures with friends and clients in the Alps. We treasure our own rich collection of pictures, recording wonderful trips that we would never have experienced without the advice and guidance of Dominique.

These are the sites our guests visited :

  • The Mont-Blanc Massif
  • The Matterhorn and the Montrose
  • The Salzburg Alps and their surroundings
  • The Upper Bavarian Alps