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Our testimonial

Read what some of our guests had to say :

Testimonial of Odile, Louis, Alexis, Charles, Vincent, Adrien (Paris, France)

Testimonial from Odile, the mother

With obvious talents for organising hiking and skiing adventures suited to all, Dominique has allowed us to discover the spectacular beauty of the Chamonix valley. To each and everyone of us, parents and kids from the age of 6, he has transmitted his passion and enthusiasm for such wonderful surroundings. We shared some magical moments as described below by our eldest son Alexis.

Testimonial from Alexis, the eldest son, 18 years old

A beautiful hike doesn't start in the morning, it starts the day before. You must think it, nourish it, dream it... We do everything we can to be as ready as possible. And then it's time to go. We start a journey long enough to discover new horizons, to find ourselves amazed by a wild and everlasting nature that doesn't care much for us mere passers-by. This beautiful hike in the gorgeous and imposing mountains of Chamonix doesn't just do wonders to our body or lets all our senses come to life, it also allows us to find ourselves again and to bond in a magical and unforgettable way in these beautiful surroundings. Pure and wild surroundings which get closer with every step we take and whose discovery is entirely up to us.

These are the sites our guests visited:

  • Grands Combins
  • The Mont-Blanc Massif

Years of children

All the children have been on several trips already: Louis, Charles and Vincent since they were 6, Adrien since he was 4, and Alexis since he was 11.